Group Guidlines

As the group is still in its ‘fledgling’ stage, we think it only fair to our current members to follow the ‘one member, one profession’ principle. However this is flexible and if the existing member (and the group) has no objection, then other businesses of the same profession are invited to come along.

In terms of membership, there is a nominal cost of £10 to put your business details on our website.  There is no annual maintenance cost.  If you wish to edit your entry there will be a fee of £10. This is not inclusive of annual subscription to the group. (see below)

If you miss four meetings the group reserves the right to remove your information from the website and group circulation. This is to encourage members to attend regularly and to give support to everyone as much as possible.

Our breakfast meetings are scheduled to start at 7:30am prompt, with a view to finishing at 8:30am or soon after. As a courtesy to the other members of the Group, timely arrival is expected.

Blackmore Vale Businesses  Rules (2015)


To be an affordable, self-determining, fortnightly networking group for businesses, sole traders, SMEs, start ups and charities which will:

  • forge new working relationships
  • offer mutual support
  • generate business leads, referrals and opportunities either directly with members, or via a member’s clients and contacts
  • demonstrate value by tracking business generated between members and their contacts

What’s in it for you?

  • Protected category membership, ensuring “ownership” of a particular business category throughout the duration of membership (see categories annexed).
  • Business growth through referrals  from fellow members – each member knows at least 200 possible prospects who may want your product or service
  • A fantastic promotional platform – use it to explain and advertise your services
  • Update members on a fortnightly basis about your business and the type of client you are seeking
  • Take a “10 minute” slot to talk in more depth about your business
  • Self development and honing of networking techniques through mentoring from experienced colleagues
  • The chance to arrange one-to-one meetings to gain an enhanced understanding of other member’s businesses and to talk about your own business
  • To receive support and camaraderie from other group members

Your commitments and how to get the best out of the group:

  • Attend regularly to support fellow members and demonstrate your commitment to business (please note failure to attend regularly can lead to termination of your membership)
  • By getting to know other members you will be able to pass on contacts and leads for their businesses and receive the same in return
  • Grow the group and its network by inviting guests who might benefit from it. (Statistically each new member/visitor will have 200-500 contacts they could introduce you and fellow members to)
  • Invite a guest or colleague to take your one minute if you are unable to attend.
  • Willingly take on shared admin responsibilities within the group for a period of time.
  • Commit to regularly arranging one-to-ones with other members
  • Maximize your opportunity with a 10 minute presentation spotlight

Reasons for termination of a membership:

  • Lack of commitment to the group due to lack of regular attendance will lead to your category being offered to another. (Those missing two successive meetings without good reason or failed to attend one quarter of the annual meetings without good cause will have their membership terminated and offered to another, with no refund of subscription).
  • Offensive or bad behaviour or lack of professionalism highlighted by complaints from fellow members.
  • Failure to pay annual subscription (for existing members, by 31 January in each year, and for new members by the 2nd meeting you attend).
  • Termination will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and will be discussed and voted on by the group. It is not automatic.


There is an annual subscription of £10 (or such other amount as the group may agree from time to time) which is payable by 31 January in each year, or for new members, by the second meeting attended. It will not be refunded except in exceptional circumstances.

Introduction of New Members

Members are expected to grow the group by introducing new members. If you are in any doubt as to conflict, put your proposal of a new member to the group, and particularly to the person with whom you think there might be a conflict. It is important that we avoid the embarrassment of having to ask somebody to leave after inviting them to join.